Student Paper Competition

The first authors of papers submitted to InGARSS 2021, who are currently students or graduated in 2021, are invited and encouraged to enter the InGARSS 2021 Student Paper Competition, at the virtual symposium. The top ten finalists will be selected by a committee based on the quality of the paper. These papers will be presented during a special session at the symposium, as planned by the Program Committee. The top three papers from the finalists will be selected for an award by the committee, based on the quality of both the paper and the presentation.

Eligibility criteria to enter the competition

  1. The first/principal author must be a bonafide student at the time of submission. We also encourage authors who have graduated in 2021 to participate in the competition.
  2. Each participant can only submit one paper for consideration in the competition.
  3. The first author of the selected paper must attend the virtual symposium and present the paper.


    To enter into the competition, the author must submit the following information online while submitting his/her article:

    1. His/her willingness to take part in this competition.
    2. A signed letter from his/her advisor stating the following that the author:
      • is currently enrolled as a student or has graduated in 2021,
      • will personally present the paper, if accepted,
      • has a higher contribution to the paper (more than 60%),
      • will register and participate in the symposium.
    3. An image of the student ID indicating that he/she is currently enrolled or has graduated in 2021, as a proof of student registration status.